For the past few weeks, Year 6 have been conceptually exploring our understanding of power. We have learned how governments can use their power for both good and bad. We have compared and contrasted our government with others around the world and concluded that Australia is a fair and just country.

This afternoon 6MW are concluding our unit of inquiry with some self devised drama skits. We have enjoyed viewing a mock parliamentary session involving Tony Abbott and his ministers. Another court session showed us all, just how not to run a government. We also had Nazi soldiers rounding up a Jewish family in the time of Anne Frank. As well as an American presidential debate between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. It was an enjoyable way of demonstrating our understanding of power, after a busy and hard working five weeks.



Literary festival

This morning we had the pleasure of hearing two famous authors speak. Maurice Gleitzman spoke of how friendship was the underlying theme he bases his books on.
We learnt that Jackie French writes her books based on personal experiences she has, especially with her pet wombats!


Day Three

Day three dawned bright and sunny again. After another delicious breakfast we packed up and were away.

Our day started at Questacon for two hours of scientific fun and more than a little shopping!

After lunch we drove to The War Memorial for their excellent education program. At 2:00 we were back on the bus ready for the trip home.

As I write this we have completed the speediest Maccas stop ever and are heading homeward. Mama Mia is playing on the DVD player and the girls are singing along.

It’s been a busy three days but the girls have been fantastic representatives of our school. See you around 6:00.



Day Two

Luckily we had all had a good nights sleep. As day two saw us up and enjoying a hot cooked breakfast by 7:00. Soon we were on the bus and off for a busy day to the following places.

The Electoral Centre – Where we learn d all our our rights and responsibilities as further voters.
Old Parliament House – where we explored the old but,ding learning about the history or Australian politics.
New Parliament House – where we toured both chambers and roll played a parliamentary debate.
The War Memorial – Where we laid a wreath and listened to The Last Post.
The Australian Institute of Sport – Where we explored Sportex and toured the facilities.

Finally it was home for bed. Phew!


Canberra Day 1

Day 1

It was a wet and windy morning, as Year 6 set off for Canberra. The bus trip to our first stop was swift and we enjoyed morning tea at Sutton Forest where already the weather was looking kinder. By the time we arrived in Canberra the sun was shining brightly, although the wind was still chilly.

Our first stop was the Canberra Exhibition where we learned all about the formation of the city of Canberra. From there we drove to The National Museum of Australia. We split into groups and explored the interactive displays. Then it was onto The National Gallery where we had a guided tour. The group I was with enjoyed viewing a number of old and new art works, with an excellent guide.

After arriving at our motel we all unpacked and then enjoyed a delicious dinner of spaghetti bolognaise and chicken and noodle stir fry. Before heading out again for a visit to Telstra tower.

While up the tower we ran around outside until the cold night air drove us inside. After that we explored a display about the history of telephones. Then It was home for bed.


Quality literature about “Mighty Girls”

This term we are going to be doing a reading challenge. We had to choose a book of our own choice that fits into the topic of a ‘Mighty Girl.’ The book I chose was Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper. It is about a girl who has cerebral palsy and shares her life in book form.

My blurb

Fingers pointing, people laughing, deadly looks. I can’t yell at them to stop. This is my life in a wheel chair. From the day I was born I knew that I was different. I am now 11 and I want change for the way people look at me. It doesn’t matter what is on the outside, but its what is on the inside that matters.

This is a heart warming story about 11 year old Melody who can’t walk, talk or write. Stuck in a wheelchair her whole life she is determined to feel like a normal person without a disability, who can just walk down the street without being laughed at or being teased.

This book was recommended by my older sister who suffers from cerebral palsy. When she was 3 weeks old she became really sick and that was when her life changed. This book is very close to my heart as I read a book about a young girls prospective and who lives with cerebral palsy

by Lexi

To find out about other books, click on the individual blogs on our Year 6 page.


3D shapes in our world

Have you ever looked closely at 3D objects in our world? Next time you do, consider why designers and architects have selected the shapes they have. We have been investigating where 3D prisms and pyramids are in our world. We discovered there is a famous building in Paris shaped as a Square Pyramid. What might be a reason a Toblerone is shaped as a Triangular Prism?

Where do you see “Power” in our world?

We have been exploring the concept of “Power” as part of our latest unit of inquiry. In particular, we are looking at people in power in our government and more broadly, in governments around the world. We have been discussing how people use power in our world. To get us thinking outside the box about power, we created some images that represent Power to us. Here are some initial ideas.


What would you draw if you were drawing something to represent “Power?”

Have you mastered your times tables?

How do you learn ALL of your times tables for quick recall?
Many of Year 6 are meeting before school to play games relating to their tables to fully master them.

When discussing our tables, we found that it is the 6, 7 and 8 ones that cause the most trouble. We are using playing cards to play a speed game which we are enjoying. The game of memory is helpful too. We are also sticking post it notes all over the place with the question on the front and answer underneath so that we can revise them as often as possible.

If you have any great games or ideas for how to master your times tables, please let us know.