Book vs Movie

This week’ s student reporters are Simone and Alex F

The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau is a great read for ages 10 to 12.This week all of Year 6 watched The City of Ember after reading the book. A young boy named Doon and a young girl called Lina are determined to find a way out of Ember. There are some differences and similarities between the book and the movie.

Both the book and the movie have all the characters.
Both the book and the movie have the part when the granny dies.
Both the book and the movie had the mayor go into the storerooms without anyone noticing what he was doing.

Lina didn’t go up on the bell tower.
Doon’s father picked up the note on how to leave Ember, but in the book Mrs Murdo picked it up.
The mole in the pipeworks.

All of Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed the book and the movie and we would definitely recommend it to other children our age.


Leading the way

Our student reporters this week are Chianru and Josie

This year, each girl in Year 6 has a leadership role; whether it’s being one of the main captains like School Captain, Prefects  and House Captain or being a Kindy buddy, on the SRC or the Tech Crew and many more. Every Year 6 girl is a leader no matter what job they have.

On Friday morning straight after recess every girl goes to a meeting for their role. The buddies go to Kindergarten with their teachers and help out in activities. The Tech Crew and Tech Box girls get together with Mrs W and discuss things about the upcoming Assembly or Chapel. They meet at other times too. The sole purpose of these activities is so the girls in Year 6 can have the experience of being a leader, as they are the eldest in the Junior School. The younger students look up to us, so we have a big responsibility in showing them a good example of how they should act.

The School Captain, Vice-Captain and Prefects all play a major role in leading Assembly.  The tech teams work behind the scenes to make sure that the assemblies and chapels run smoothly. We are currently having a lot of fun being the leaders of the Junior School for this year. Please comment on the other roles and what you have been doing as you learn you new job.


Hockey Clinic

This week’s student reporters are Jedda and Lilli

Years 5 and 6 had the opportunity to go to a hockey clinic this week. We all hopped on to the bus, some of us with high hopes of getting into the IPSHA team others were just came along for a normal sports lesson. We went to West Chatswood oval. The drive was enjoyable and the oval was surrounded by bush.

Equipped with mouth guards, shin pads and hockey sticks, we were ready to give it our best shot. First  Cwe jogged once around the oval for a warm up. Then we performed a hockey exercise of hitting the ball back and forth with a partner. We all enjoyed playing an intense game of hockey. Some of us got bad injuries but we soldiered on.  We ate morning tea, iced our injuries, played some more hockey and then before we knew it, it was time to go home. We had a great day and are intently awaiting the results of the trials.

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The Mysterious Boxes Uncovered!

This week’s student reporters are Gabby C and Kathryn

It was week 5 on Thursday the boxes mysteriously started littering our Year 6 rooms. They were definitely a hazard, distraction and query to us all. While all of us pondered throughout the day and night over these mysterious boxes it was only the day after that we came together as a Year Six team and tried to find out the culprit and their intentions.



As we looked further into this mystery on Friday, one of our solutions to this perplexing problem pointed directly to the other teachers. Fortunately, Mrs O and Mrs V walked down our way and stopped our 6T classroom and claimed that the boxes were their doing.

They claimed that the boxes couldn’t be put anywhere else. Mrs O and Mrs V gave us strict rules:

  •  The boxes couldn’t be moved
  • They couldn’t be touched
  • They couldn’t be taken
  • They couldn’t be used

In the end, many of us had speculated over the weekend and these rumours only came true when Mrs T told us that it was a setup and was to help us in the UOI about the Great Barrier Reef. This made us think of the connections between our problem and the bigger problem of waste dumping in the GBR. We came up with many theories as to the connections between this and us. It was all a great experience being detectives and politicians to decipher the future of these costume boxes.




Our School’s 106th Birthday

This week’s student reporter is Grace W

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We didn’t realise it was a special day. Until assembly started. We all filed into the gymnasium and sat down. The teachers told us that it was a very special assembly. But then we realised it wasn’t just the Junior School, it was the Senior School too! Then it occurred to us, it was the school’s 106th birthday! We all watched as the School Captains gave their speeches and laughed at Mrs V’s (very enthusiastic) birthday song. The “Through the Years” slideshow rolled, and we all giggled at the funny hairstyles the teachers had back in the 80’s. Then we watched the teachers cut the cake. Too bad there wasn’t enough for everyone to have a piece, but then the teachers brought out the cupcakes! It was wonderful celebrating the school’s 106th birthday because after all…

Who doesn’t like cake?


What a treat

6MW had an exciting treat this afternoon, we went to visit Kindi. We spent half an hour with them. Firstly we listened to them all read their home readers. Then we shared picture books with them and read to them. It was a hot afternoon but we all enjoyed sitting outside to share our books together.




Three Jammed Packed Days

Student reporters are Bella W and Alex B

Our camp trip started with a bang with trying to find our way to Cockatoo Island which is in the middle of the Harbour. The teachers divided us into three groups so it was easier for us to get to Cockatoo Island. Our team was the first to leave school to catch the train to Wynyard. As our train was departing the second team arrived, they just missed the train so that meant we were 15 minutes in front of everybody. From Wynyard we caught the train to Circular Quay then we nearly got on to the wrong ferry to Cockatoo island as the other team hopped on it so we followed just them. When we realized it was the wrong ferry, our group hopped off and went on the ferry that went straight to Cockatoo Island.

All the groups eventually arrived, we all had lunch, got our bags off the dock, found out our tents and made some kites. Unfortunately we could not fly our kites outside as it was pouring with rain. We all really enjoyed making our dinner as it was a different experience for all of us. All of year 6 eventually got to sleep in the tent with a bit (or maybe a lot) of chatting.

Year 6 packed up their tents and bags so we could be on the move again. We had our breakfast and took some morning tea for along the way and started our journey to Chowder Bay. Our two ferry trips followed by a 4.5km walk was very hot but we all made it to the end. Year 6 was lucky to have a barbecue when we got there. We found out our cabins and our group was putting on our swimmers for rafting which was a lot of fun. We all went back to our cabins and we had a magic show which was exciting. Year 6 then had dinner, watched the sunset over the water and then we all collapsed into bed.

As the sun rose on the third morning we were woken up by our leaders and told to change into our swimmers and meet for breakfast in the dining room. We all ate and talked for a while, once we were finished breakfast the leaders and teachers split us into our groups and our team had the privilege of snorkeling. The wet-suits kept most of us warm in the cold water while others were a bit cold. There were so many fish and plants to see in so little time. Our group was lucky to see a little seahorse. It was small and brown but very cute, we all had turns taking a look.

Our next activity was The Chowder Bay Challenge we had to complete as many of the tasks as we could manage in the time that we had. The tasks were difficult but not impossible.  Our favourite two tasks were making a rap about our time at camp they were all very good, the second one was picking up ten pieces of rubbish and we had to pick one of them to write a story about it and its journey to Chowder Bay. The Challenge was so much fun, we all loved the tasks.

Overall everybody in Year 6 had a wonderful time at camp rafting, snorkeling, walking, talking but most of all keeping up our teachers at night!


Camp Day 2

It’s 4:30 and I can hear the excited voices of girls in rafts chanting ‘and row, and row,and row’. Further over the snorkelers are still exploring the underwater wonders of Chowder Bay. One group has already headed up past Ripples to our lovely accommodation at Land’s Edge. They have completed the Chowder Bay Challenge and are the first to head to the showers. There are three activities and each group will complete each one by the time we head for home tomorrow.

There is still more in store tonight, with dinner and the evening’s activity. There will be many tired girls as heads hit the pillows tonight (we hope!).


Camp Day One

Cockatoo Island.

After meeting our guides at school we were split into three groups. Each group then planned our route to Cockatoo Island, using train and ferry timetables. We arrived in time for a delicious lunch of cheese, ham and salad wraps. After that we found our bags and set up our tents. Unfortunately the rain then arrived so we moved into one of the amazing warehouse spaces here on the island.

Our afternoon was spent making and flying kites, playing games and enjoying ourselves out of the rain. In the evening we cooked our own dinner of pasta, vegetables and meat sauce. By now the rain had abated and so we enjoyed a walk across the island, viewing the city skyline and some stars.

Bedtime was at 9.30 but as always sleep was elusive for many. With tents being unzipped, little bodies squirming and whispered chit chat late into the night for some tents.

Now it is day two, the sun is shining, breakfast has been eaten. And the teacher’s thoughts are turning to, just when does that coffee shop open!

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