Paper Bloggers

You may have seen the new movie Paper Planes. Well in Year 6 we have begun the year with paper blogs. We are learning what it means to write a great blogpost and also how to leave an appropriate comment. To do that, we have been practising on paper and adding comments with colourful post it notes. Last week we wrote posts with a partner. They were displayed around the walls and windows of our classroom which gave us a chance to read them all.

The photo shows some of our blogposts and the comments that have been left. We will revisit these again soon. In the meantime, what do you think a good comment would need to include? We would welcome your ideas and suggestions.



A New Start for 2015

The rain was pouring, parents were waiting and nervous girls were biting their fingernails as they waited to hear their classes for the new year. Finally we made our way upstairs to our brand new Year 6 learning space! We noticed many new changes but other things remained the same. We settled into our new space but our lockers had vanished! They are outside and downstairs so that will mean we need to be very organised and responsible.

We asked many questions about our learning and our responsibilities to each other as learners in Year 6. Many of the answers to these questions are still to be discovered. We recorded some of our ideas for future discussion…IMG_2193





Public Domain

This image is in the Public Domain

Well it’s a new school year in Australia. Our lovely summer holidays are over. The teachers are already back at school and the students will arrive on Wednesday ready for an action packed year of learning. But there are surprises in store for year6rc. I wonder if you can guess what they might be?

End of year excitement – please vote!

Today when the clock hit 3:05pm we left primary school for the last time. Amid the countdown, screaming and general noise making a few tears were shed. We have had a very hectic and very hot last few days at school as Sydney has sizzled in the first days of summer. We have our final awards assembly tomorrow morning and then we are off for our long summer break!
Thanks to all our blogging friends from around the world and closer to home who have helped make our year so much fun.

To top our year off we have been shortlisted in the Edublogs Awards, fondly known as the #eddies14 in the category of Best Class Blog. So if you could we would welcome your vote. Simply click on the Finalist badge on the right and scroll down to vote for our blog – year6rc – you can vote every day until the 15th December. I am delighted to see that Mr Webb’s class Room One @ Auroa School in New Zealand has also made it to the shortlist.

Even more exciting is that one of my students, Sophie, has been nominated in the category Best Student Blog. Congratulations Sophie. Your shortlisting is very well deserved. To vote for Sophie’s blog please click here and she is listed as Blogging with Sophie. Simply click the Thumbs Up – you will be asked to join (If you are a student then an adult will need to help you do this). Please vote for Sophie’s blog every day from now until Dec 15.

Timeless Stories

Today we were invited to Kindergarten! We had a lovely time listening to the wonderful retelling of fairytales. The Kindy’s had written on paper, told the story with story stones, designed and made puppet theatres, created an iPad movie using Puppet Pals and they also drew their story. 5 different ways to retell a familiar story! Amazing job Kindy. We loved our visit. Thanks for sharing your learning with us.







Room One @ Auroa School – Best Class Blog!

One of our favourite blogs to visit is Mr Webb’s class in Taranaki, New Zealand. We first met Mr Webb and his students in Term 1 and we became friends. When I talked with my class today about the Edublogs Awards, known as #eddies14, one of my students suggested that we should nominate Room One @ Auroa School in the category Best Class Blog.  There was overwhelming agreement for this idea. We love to visit this blog and love to read about and listen to the fabulous learning that goes on every week. You can see the blog here .

Why not nominate them too? You can do that here

Sophie’s Blog

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 7.37.42 pm

I am delighted to let you know that I have nominated Sophie’s blog in the annual Edublogs Awards #eddies14 She is the only student in my class, 6T, to participate in the Student Blogging Challenge this year. Her blog has been consistently excellent, well written posts, clear layout, categories and tags. What more could I ask for? Sophie has continued with the Blogging Challenge since September without fanfare or much recognition. That impresses me as a student who is determined and persistent even when things may be hard or seem unnecessary. So well done Sophie. I will encourage all your classmates to nominate you as well. Please check out her blog as she has made her own nominations in a number of different categories.

If you would like to nominate Sophie please do so here. The category is Best Student Blog

Thumbs Up!

We like to celebrate our individuality. This artwork is made from our very own unique thumbprint. We inked up our thumbs and the print was enlarged on the photocopier in grayscale. Then we could use our own choice of media and method to complete our creation. Many girls chose to use only black. These look wonderful but do not scan so well. Unique thumbs make unique art. Can you see the whorls, arches and loops?

Drama Queens

Yesterday was the culmination of weeks of hard work. We performed our fractured fairy tales to an audience of parents and students. So far the feedback has been great. Right now, in class, we have the task of reflecting on the process of getting our plays from the germ of an idea to the stage. Some of us find it hard to work together harmoniously and we have learned that we have to stick at it and work hard. I actually think that getting on well in a group is one of the hardest but most valuable things we can learn at school. What do you think?


Smart Art

6T have been looking at the artwork of Jeffrey Smart. He is famous for his urban landscapes and use of line, colour and shape. We have taken photos in our own urban environment at school and then manipulated our images using Photoshop. We have tried to emulate some aspects of his style. What do you think?