Peer Support Training

In preparation for leading a k-6 Peer Support group later this term, we are training for 2 days to learn the skills we need.

Things we are excited about:
Getting to know our partner from the other class
Meeting some students from other years
Leading a group

Today we are learning skills about active listening and how to communicate with others using not just our words but our body language, tone of voice and the language we choose.



Experimenting in Science with Fizzics Education

Today, year 6 got to inquire scientifically within a Fizzics education incursion. We investigated non nutonian fluids which are liquids that behave like solids.
We watched a pyroplastic flow like the flow that comes out of a volcano. Gases from volcanos are dense and they flow quickly from a volcano. Scientists believe that there was a pyroplastic flow before the eruption of Pompei which is why the people of Pompei looked like they hadn’t tried to escape. Gases seeped down into Pompei and the very one died before the volcano erupted.
We conducted many experiments about natural disasters.

Data presented as graphs

Why might someone create a graph from data that shows bias?
We had some thoughts….

Someone trying to sell you something (Rachel)

Advertisers trying to make their product seem better (Jacqueline)

Politicians might want you to vote for them so they might mislead you in a graph. (Sophie)

Teachers to test your knowledge to see whether you have looked on more than one website (Ashleigh)

Someone trying to trick you on social media (Amber)

People campaigning for a cause (Georgia)

Businessmen or sales people to make their results look better than they are (Elinor)

The Earth’s surface

“Changes to the Earth’s surface disrupts living things” is our big idea at the moment. But what does the Earth’s surface actually look like? What happens when you go beneath the surface we can see? We researched to find factual information about the Earth’s layers. Our models reflect our understanding.IMG_0266

IMG_0263 The Earth’s Layers

Are you going to be responsible?

Think of the different ways people communicate with others? Social media is a popular way.

Did you know that you are supposed to be 13 to use most forms of social media? We wondered why this is so we inquired into what the pros and cons of using social media are. There are rights and responsibilities when using social media. We have focused on this in our UOI and have gained a great appreciation for how to behave online when we eventually use social media.

Some of us made posters to show our understanding.
Version 2

Paste these links into a search bar to view presentations we made to reflect our learning.

How do you use technology to express yourself?

This question is one we have been exploring through our unit of inquiry. For Home Learning this week, students were asked to do exactly this – use technology to express themselves. They could choose any interest area to focus on and the diversity of responses led to an engaging day of presentations. By reflecting on the process in a discussion forum, the students were able to read about how and why their classmates chose particular technology and what their presentation aimed to do. Here are two reflections:

How do you use technology to express yourself?
In this task, I have created an imovie to express what my favourite activity is. That activity is gymnastics. I have used imovie and garageband to create a video about gymnastics. The video shows gymnasts persisting and trying to do their best. I have also used garageband to create my feelings and interests towards gymnastics. In the last picture of the imovie, I used pixlr express to animate myself doing gymnastics. Pixlr express is a picture editing program that can animate pictures into different styles. I really enjoyed doing this activity and I would certainly do it again for my family member’s birthday.
by Jacqui

To express myself with technology l have used both time lapse and iMovie. l have known l loved cooking from the moment l started so l decided to share the love of cooking and express this in a interesting way using technology (Time lapse of me cooking). In real life the cooking took 54 minutes and 30 seconds to do while the time-lapse is only 29 seconds in total. l found doing this a exciting experience to do and l can not wait to see the ways others express themselves.
by Veronique

How do you express yourself using technology? Maybe you could experiment with different technology to do this.

Messages from the Young Leader’s Conference

Rachel’s reflections

On Monday, some of the Year 6 leaders got the opportunity to go to the National Young Leaders Day. This is a special event for children who are wanting to learn more about leadership. We enjoyed several different speakers, such as Nathan ‘Dubsy’ Want, Commissioner Andrew Scipione, Ben Austin and Melanie Lee. These people gave us special messages about how to become a better leader. These messages were:

Follow your dreams.
“Master the little things” and this can lead to big things.
Take little steps and keep moving forward.
Children can change the world.
The little things you do really do make a difference.
Always act with integrity. Understand you are being watched as leaders.
Stay brave!
You are more than you think you are. Children really can change the world.

Combined with some dancers and singers, this was a very memorable day and I’m sure it will help us discover our true potential.

What can you do to engage readers when you write?

Have you ever considered what techniques good writers use? Year 6 have been inquiring into how to show not tell when writing descriptively. Using figurative language such as personification, similes and metaphors helps do this. Careful selection of language when writing is the key. Read Sophia’s description of Camp and consider why her writing engages you.

Camp- Cockatoo Island/Chowder Bay

Nervous and ecstatic glances emerged into the train’s windows
The harbour bridge grabbed our eyes attention as we hopped onto the ferry
All we could hear is the snap of cameras
The ferry shouts through its horns
Gusts of wind whip our hats off our heads
We crouched under the side of the boat in the warmth
While many faced the cold sharp wind

We explored Cockatoo Island that is as old as our ancestors
Entering convict caves and buildings
Texta’s explored the format of our kites
Colourful creative kites filled the view of Cockatoo Island
The last of our smores dissolve in our mouths as we sat along side the bonfire reflecting on our day
Safe and sound we headed to sleep not knowing what would come of tomorrow

Sydney’s wonders came back to view
We walk for what seems forever
Chowder Bay finally comes into view
Cabins are announced and everyone jostles up to their rooms
Luggage is strewn across the room

Sand sculptures are formed
The water glistened as we paddled through the water
We screamed as we jumped off the bouncy raft
Fish zoom past as we gulp air through our snorkels
“Yuck, seaweed,” we would shriek!
Wetsuits don’t want to let go as we try to scramble them off our body
We lay under the stars in silence watching the sunset coming to an end
God really has given us blessings, and one of them was camp…