Father daughter maths activities

After our annual Father daughter breakfast today, we opened our classrooms and welcomed all our fathers in, for a mathematical activity designed to make us all think and problem solve.

How many different designs could we create using only four unifix cubes? And having created them could we replicate our ideas using isometric paper?

Dads and daughters grappled with this problem together and enjoyed a collaborative time solving this puzzle. It certainly made a change from a day at the office for most fathers!

IMG_2379 IMG_2380



Skate Art!

Year 6 have been engaged in an art project to create a personalised artwork. Our goal was to convey a message to the world about an issue of concern or something more personal. We had looked at street art as a form of social commentary. Here are 6T’s efforts. Please let us know what you think.



Backstage Excitement

Tonight is the third of our four performances of Disney’s Little Mermaid Jnr. Excitement levels are high! We have had an amazingly busy time in rehearsing, singing, dancing and trying on our fantastic costumes. Many Year 6 girls have lead roles. At our school everyone is in the musical so we are all cast as pirates or sailors and we start the show with Fathoms Below. These photos should give you some idea of what it’s like backstage while we wait to shine onstage.


















Skate Art

Buzzing excitement engulfed the class as Art Time began. Chitter-chatter whirred through the room like a wave, washing away the quiet work time. I glanced around, and my jaws dropped. We were painting on skateboards, designing beautiful and effective artworks. The many geometric lines, powerful words, graceful nature sketches blew me away.

Year 6’s artworks in these final weeks of term are skateboard paintings. We all carefully planned our skateboard designs, after studying various forms of street art and typography styles. Each and every one of our paintings is admirable in its own way. We chose a word or design that meant something to us and may be a social comment in a way. The Creative Art process is one with many edits, drawings and plans carefully annotated and recorded. Once we had perfected our designs, we were given our actual wooden skateboards, and painted a white undercoat on them. We had to think about what media we wanted to use, about light colours, dark colours and how to layer the paint.

Each skateboard is so unique from everything else. The diverse variety of words the students chose were effectively and cleverly designed, resembling the meaning of the word. Anger. Calm. Memories. Music. Peace. Others chose passions that are close to their hearts such as horses, the black cockatoo, nature and eating healthy.

We look forward to completing these next term.

Written by Ella

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Remote and ancient places

Hi again everyone. I know it’s the last week of school and you will all be busy with your passion projects. Thanks for all your comments on my last post. I have been away from the internet or mobile phone coverage for almost two weeks. Today we arrived in Fitzroy Crossing and we head to Broome and up to Cape Leveque tomorrow. Here are some more photos for you. They will give you a bit of an idea of where I have been. Last year you might remember that my class did some artworks based on the Wandjina which is an aboriginal rain spirit from the Kimberley region. I have seen lots of beautiful ancient rock art on the Mitchell River Plateau including some Wandjina. I was thrilled to see the real thing.

DSC_0495 DSC_0303 DSC_0321 DSC_0382 DSC_0394

Swimming with crocs

Greetings from the Kimberley! I hope everyone is going well back home. I am having a fantastic holiday and seeing so many amazing parts of this huge country of ours. For those who don’t know The Kimberley is the far north part of Western Australia. It is vast and beautiful. For the last 2 nights we camped at Lake Argyle which is a huge inland sea. It was created in 1972 when a dam wall was built which flooded the valley. It contains 19 times as much water as Sydney Harbour and contains over 30000 freshwater crocodiles. We went on a cruise yesterday and swam in the lake. Luckily the freshwater crocs are not the dangerous ones! Here are some photos to show you some of what I’ve been up to.

Love from Mrs T

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Creating tessellations and an improper fractions race

Year 6 Maths Groups always enjoy mathematical challenges. We explored how to create our own 2D tessellations by cutting out and rearranging parts of a piece of paper. There were several ways in which they could tessellate.


We also participated in an improper fractions race, where teams had to work together to convert the improper fractions to mixed numerals and then place on a number line. It was a fast paced game!


Playing with our maths!

This week’s homework challenge required persistence, creativity and thinking outside the square (or in this case, the pentagram).
It was wonderful to see the engagement and perseverance from everyone. Lots of students shared stories of family involvement and frustrations! Well done everyone. Can you solve the problem?




Discovering Confident Artworks

By Olivia and Darcey 6MW

 Colour. Lines. Confidence. Texture. Vibrance. Creativity.

 This term, year six has been studying the beautiful and bold artwork of Mr .R. Dunlavey. We have gained so much skill and understanding of what it means to be a “risk taker” and be bold with our artworks. This entire unit was supposed to take us out of our comfort zone, and required us to have an open mindset towards making mistakes in our drawings, and accepting them!

 This was a challenge for almost every girl, as almost every unit we do in art is based around sketching and trying to represent the real image with rubbers and perfection. Many girls actually described this experience as “freeing” and “calming”, as they weren’t to worry about making mistakes, but embrace them instead. All of year six found this a very interesting experience, and in the end, had a very positive result.

 Our wonderful art teacher, Mrs B, actually wrote to Mr Dunlavey via email, asking him about what he materials he uses to create and bring his artworks to life. We were fortunate enough to receive a kind reply from Mr Dunlavey, saying that he uses mixed media, some of which include:

  • Sharpies
  • Oil pastels
  • Crayons
  • Water colours 

One of the primary aspects of our artworks was to incorporate “mixed media” to embrace the texture, colour, and contrast of our lines, patterns, and backgrounds. Our project was to look inside ourselves, and to use keywords that describe us, in hope that they would shine through our cities. Some of these words that we used to describe ourselves were: bohemian, gentle, bubbly, young, cheerful, mysterious, friendly, bold, colourful, creative, etc. We wanted to use the mixed media to make our city look as unique and individual as possible.

Our artworks turned out to be really beautiful and fascinating to see the individual traits shining through the buildings and landscapes. Overall, this was a really fun and refreshing experience to not have to sketch, but to have some confidence in ourselves. Many girls had to search for self control to leave their rubbers and sketching habits behind, and look for confidence within themselves.

After we had completed our artworks, we had many questions for Mr Dunlavey… Our art teacher suggested that she might be able to get in contact with the admired artist. Some of these questions included…

Where do you get your inspiration from?

  • Are there any artists that you don’t like?
  • Where did your passion for art come from?

Mr Dunlavey was generous enough to agree to skyping us to answer our questions! We were overjoyed with excitement, and couldn’t wait to hear more about this inspiring artist. By the time our skype chat was about to take place, we were all nervous, curious, and buzzing with excitement. We couldn’t wait to chat with Mr Dunlavey!

In our skype call, we met the esteemed illustrator, and discussed our artworks during this special time with him. He gave us valuable advice and information about the mixed media he used, praising our artworks and answered our questions. He encouraged us to draw boldly, having a courageous and creative hand. We took this advice for future artworks and knowledge. It was greatly appreciated.

A few weeks after skyping, Mr Dunlavey kindly sent us a package in the mail, all the way from America with some free goodies for each girl, and our Junior School Library.

We were all delighted and so grateful to Mr D for supplying us with these beautiful gifts. We would like to say on behalf of year six, that we are so grateful, Mr Dunlavey for your gifts, emails and skype calls. We have never had the chance to do so before in art, and it meant so much to us, and it is something that we will remember in years to come.

You can view our beautiful artworks on display outside Year6.

IMG_1954 IMG_1955 IMG_1956