Who inspires you?

This Year our classes are named after Olympic Sports. 6S are the 6S Sailors and 6WM the Women’s Marathon runners.   We have been reading about Jessica Watson who at aged 16, sailed around the world solo. Jessica said “I’m just an ordinary girl who believed in a dream.”

Who has inspired you to dare to follow your dreams?



Leadership roles

This year in year six we have all received a leadership role. Everyone was so excited about what they would get. Would we be in the voice, Crew Leader, a library monitor, a kindergarten buddy,  School Captain, House Captain, techbox or tech crew? We are going to have a great year helping do our roles!

By: Amber, Sally and Ashleigh

Year 6 – Life so far

This year our theme is Dare To .  .  .  Year 6 is daring to try new things this year!!!!

Learning Spaces:

Many girls independence has grown this year already and our classroom has changed enormously. We went from a normal Year 5 classroom to a completely new modern-style classroom. The chairs are completely different this year and we can definitely recommend how comfy they are! The desks have also changed massively. Now you can sit wherever you want rather than having an assigned chair.  

New Learning:

As well as our great learning spaces we have amazing new units of inquiry. Our first one is How we express Ourselves with the central idea ‘Communication Connects People’.  We will be exploring the many different ways how communication can connect people. Linking into English and UOI (Unit of inquiry) we have also been introduced to blogging! Everyone will be able to make their own blog and share many other things about our brand new year of Year 6!


Have you ever had two teachers?? This year we have 6S with Mrs S and and 6MW with Mrs M and Mrs W 2 teachers! The teachers so far are really nice and have told us about the year ahead and and so far we think it is gonna be the best year! I am so looking forward to the year ahead because we know we have great teachers and we know that they are always there to help whenever anything goes wrong. We are looking forward to a good year.

Dare to…

What will the 2016 theme be? This was the question on every girl’s lips as they walked through the school gates. We lined up in the breezeway, curious to find out the new theme, until Mrs V came with the answer: Dare to… Have you ever dared to do something? Well, this year in our school we are learning to dare to do new things and…

Discover Amazing Realities Everyday.

We started off the new year by going into a brand new classroom with a brand new class and brand new teachers. One of the very first things we did was write poems on, of course, the topic of dare to. They were all different and beautiful, one of the many creations we have already started. Throughout the year we will continue to learn, have fun, and expand on this topic of Dare to…

By Lara, Gabi & Annick

Welcome back

Public Domain

Well it’s a new school year in Australia. Our lovely summer holidays are over. The teachers have already been back at school for several days and the students will arrive tomorrow morning, ready for an action packed year of learning.

But there are surprises in store for year6rc. What could it be? I wonder if you can guess?

Our world in 2030….

The school year is all but over for year6rc. It has been a year of growth and change and significant learning for us all.

Over the last two weeks we have been looking at the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. You can read about them here. They have been an important part of our final PYP theme this year called ‘Who We Are’. In this unit of inquiry we have explored our current beliefs and values and our hopes and dreams for the future.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 8.26.29 pm

This process has involved the girls in writing to their federal MP about the goal that they feel is most significant. What a wonderful way to end a wonderful year with the students passionately engaged in raising their voices. Thanks to Oxfam and Unicef we have special postcards to send out to help change the world!

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 8.51.59 pm


A bathroom makeover

An idea becomes reality.

Does 55 Year 6 students and 5 litres of semi-gloss sounds like an accident waiting to happen? Creativity mixed with planning and careful organisation worked wonders in our school bathroom yesterday. Year 6 should be very proud of the result! They worked as a team to create a sensational work of art. What a surprise awaits everyone on Monday morning.

A blend of art and maths

Today we used Photoshop to create beautiful designs. We applied our knowledge of rotating, reflecting and translating to replicate our original triangle design. Younger students might know this as flip, slide and turn. Do they look like snowflakes to you? Or perhaps they are beautiful tiles, or ‘digital doilies’. We viewed this video clip first to see the basic skills. 

And the winners are!

Most Improved Blogger in 2015

First – Jasmin

Second – Alina

Third – Claire

Highly Commended – Tahlia and Peri

Best Commenter of 2015

First – Claire

Second – Gemma

Third – Izzy

Highly Commended – Olivia and Chloe

Best Student Blogger of 2015

Equal First – Darcey, Georgia and Mia Pl

Highly Commended – Emme

Congratulations to all the winners!

Thank you to everyone who put so much time and effort into the nominations and voting. Your teachers sincerely hope that you will all continue blogging in high school. It has been fantastic to be a part of your enthusiasm.

Just how big our our planets?

In Maths we have been exploring the planets in our solar system. We began by looking at the distance between the planets.

The distance between the Sun and Neptune is 4500 million kilometres. We represented this with a 4.5m string and pegged each planet onto the string. One of the problems with this model was that all our planets were the same size.

So we explored the diameter of each planet and then drew 2D scaled models in the courtyard. Our earth has a radius of 6500 km so we drew that at 6.5cm.  Jupiter in comparison had a radius of 71.5cm (71500km) and our Sun would need a radius of a huge 7 metres! We tried to draw the sun and struggled to even fit it into the courtyard.

Here are some of our chalk drawings.

FullSizeRender 66

FullSizeRender 65


FullSizeRender 62