National Young Leaders Day

National Young Leaders Day

By Ruby and Georgia B

On Monday the 12th of March, 15 girls from Year 6 were fortunate enough to have the opportunity of going to the National Young Leaders Day conference along with 4 000 other students from around NSW.. We had an exceptional time learning about what it means to be a leader from some very inspirational speakers; John Coutis, Lauren Cheatle, Harrison Craig and Matt Cosgrove.

John Coutis was born with deformed legs and a backbone that stopped at his ribs. No one thought he would survive but he did. Now, John is inspiring people all around the world by sharing his story. His main message was to never turn your back on a challenge; don’t walk around it, or step over it, instead hit it straight on. Know the things you can control and change, and the things that are outside of your control. We are the leaders of our own life so it is up to us to make wise choices, to take responsibility, and to step outside our comfort zone.

Lauren Cheatle is an Australian cricketer. When she was younger, she would play cricket games with her brother and dad in the backyard. One day, her dad changed the rules on her. Lauren told her dad that this wasn’t fair, to which her dad simply replied “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” This was and still is Lauren’s main motivation when pursuing her dream in her cricket career. We will have to make hard decisions in life and there will always be setbacks but it’s how you deal with it that makes you a leader. She encouraged us to find the thing we enjoy and are passionate about because if we’re not, we are unlikely to put in the effort.

Harrison Craig was born with a stutter. He was teased by people but used music as a way to escape the bullying. He practised, never gave up and eventually won The Voice Australia in 2013. He realised that having a stutter didn’t matter anymore and that whatever hurdles or challenges you come across, you can overcome them and live your dream. As leaders we were encouraged to set goals to work towards our dream and that you need to have a plan in place on how to get there. Our theme of Say It, Do It, Be It was evident in his message.

Matt Cosgrove is an author and illustrator of the thrilling new book series Epic Fail Tales. As a child he feared public speaking but instead of letting this stop him achieve his dream, he put his hand up for every public speaking opportunity that was presented to him, with a hope to reduce his fear. He still is afraid of public speaking but has learned to accept and control those feelings. He wanted us to remember five key messages when being a leader; perception is everything, find your passion and then practise, people are important, be persistent, and imagination is powerful.

All these speakers have inspired us as leaders and demonstrated to us that most things are possible if we put our mind to it.

International Women’s Day 2018

International Women’s Day 2018

Happy International Women’s Day! In Year 6 today we celebrated the achievements of women worldwide, a reminder of how far we’ve come, while also considering the road ahead. What did you do to celebrate International Women’s Day?


This year’s theme is #PressforProgress motivating and uniting friends, colleagues and whole communities to think, act and be gender inclusive. Here are how some of us are going to #PressforProgress. We would love to hear how you are going to.


A sizzling start

A sizzling start

Used with permission: Creative Commons CC0

I know we didn’t go fishing at camp but Year 6 have been busily developing the skills needs to really hook our readers into a story. Here are just some of our sizzling starts about our time at camp.

What do you think? Are you hooked by our action packed story starts? Would you like to read more?

Stingrays, fish and other sea creatures waited for us in the sea as we awkwardly pulled on our wetsuits and masks. With much enthusiasm we ventured into the water. With great delight we splashed around and saw amazing creatures. 

Beatrice & Chloe M

A loud applause welcomed Pete, the magician. He seemed ordinary, but little did we know, he had all kinds of tricks up his sleeve for us. He amazed us with all sorts of different and impossible tricks that even the most talented girls couldn’t master.

Naomi & Natasha

A delicious aura filled my nostrils and my stomach grumbled in anticipation. I couldn’t wait any longer. This was it, our reward for our hard work.

Chloe D and McKayla

Colours splashing over the paper making a kite; tying strings and letting go. Coloured blurs flying high in the sky.

Makayla and Emily V

THUMP! We all let out a sigh of relief. After a long rafting challenge, in a state of exhaustion, we dragged our feet out of the boat and onto dry land.

Bianca and Bronte A


Our last day

Our last day

Last night we were treated to a surprise visit from Pete who dazzled us with his magic tricks! Cards appeared on the ceiling and in pockets, ropes became linked together, and tissues that were ripped apart suddenly ended up whole as if they were never torn.

The girls slept beautifully last night and are ready for an action packed day or snorkelling, rafting and treasure hunting. We are sure they will sleep even better tonight parents!


The adventure continues

The adventure continues

We were up early for the start of our busy second day. Bags were packed before breakfast and we were soon on the Rivercat to Circular Quay. While waiting for the Taronga ferry we ventured into the beautiful Customs House which we were amazed to learn was once the tallest building in the city.

Our walk to Chowder Bay saw us enjoying the beauty of Sydney’s bush land and harbour.
The kookaburras at lunch were very keen to grab our sausages!

This afternoon our groups are involved in their first activity. The Pink Panthers are out rafting in the bay, the Smurfs are snorkelling and the Unisaurs are off on a scavenger hunt.

All happy, all well and enjoying the great outdoors. I think it’s guaranteed we will all sleep well tonight.

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Our amazing Cockatoo Island

Our amazing Cockatoo Island

Once covered with red gums and cockatoos this historic island is now home to 56 shrieking girls! We have learned so much about our colonial and convict past on our scavenger hunt this afternoon. The teachers thought we might lock up the ‘worst of the worst’ in the solitary confinement cells. Life was pretty grim here for the convicts.

The girls are thoroughly enjoying the freedom to run and play on the grass. We will soon have a talk from the ranger before the much awaited announcement of tent groups.

Have you been to Cockatoo Island?

A big week ahead

A big week ahead

Year 6 will be inducted as school leaders on Tuesday morning and then we are off to camp on Wednesday for the rest of the week.

It’s a big week ahead of us but we will approach it all with enthusiasm and a positive outlook. We are looking forward to posting lots of photos and stories from camp.

Our teachers suggest that we get some early nights early in the week so we have plenty of energy for the fun and challenges that we will face while exploring our city’s beautiful harbour.

What you are looking forward to about camp?

What is the most fun you’ve had on a school camp?

CC0 Public Domain
And so it begins

And so it begins

Welcome to Year 6 2018 and welcome to our class blog. We would love you to visit us often and see what we have been learning at school. It’s a great idea to subscribe to our blog so that you will receive an email when we write a new post. Please leave us comments too.

In our first week our Social Action Reps were involved in some planting on this amazing new green wall.

In class we all explored how we are feeling about Year 6 with a NESW Compass Points thinking routine and we worked together to see who could make the longest paper chain. The longest was an impressive 5.7 metres.

We have had a busy but exciting start to 2018 and hope you will follow and support us in our learning journey.


Become curious about our upcoming exhibition

Become curious about our upcoming exhibition

Do you love thinking outside of the box about real life issues that affect our world?

This is what Year 6 have been doing in our exhibition unit relating to Sharing the Planet.We are creating artworks which represent the underlying message in our central ideas. They are not finished but here are a few initial thoughts for you to ponder over. Come along next Thursday and Friday to view our exhibition findings. 




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