Peer Support

Every second Friday afternoon during Term 2 and 3 small groups of girls from Kindergarten to Year 6 have gathered in different classrooms, for a Peer Support group meeting. Two Year 6 girls have ably led each of these Peer Support teams, as they have engaged in a variety of activities.

This year our focus for Peer Support sessions has been resilience. Using the language ‘I have, I am, I can’ students have explored how our families, friends and the wider community can support us in every aspect of our lives.

This week was our final Peer Support session and each session was totally designed by our amazing Year 6 leaders. It was wonderful to watch the groups interact with each other in such diverse activities as building bridges out of Lego and making cupcakes from homemade play dough. I saw one group folding and throwing paper planes. While others were creating paper flowers, bunnies, paper plate puppets and sock puppets.

Our year 6 leaders should all feel proud of the leadership skills they have shown during this year’s Peer Support sessions. Congratulations girls you have all shown such great leadership skills.IMG_2499 IMG_2501 IMG_2509

Young Justice 2015

I had the privilege of accompanying ten students to the Supreme Court of NSW today to participate in ‘Young Justice’. It is a day of learning about current justice issues and what we can do to help change things for the better. We heard about animal rights, the work of UNICEF and the rights of children, climate change and the work of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and finally about law, how it is made and how it can be changed. All the sessions challenged our thinking and we had the chance to ask great questions.

Here we are outside the Supreme Court and enjoying lunch in Hyde Park.

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This is what a few of the Year 6 girls had to say about the day:

Emme says, “It was an amazing experience, it really widened my understanding of world problems and inspired me to act.”

Izzy says, “After today I am determined to change the world in my own way. I’m encouraged to learn and achieve more.”

Darcey says, “Today has encouraged me to question and think in depth about our laws and system of order.”

Anjali says, “It was an inspirational excursion, encouraging us to inquire about law and order.”

Rachel says, “Before today I didn’t know much about law but this experience has taught me so much.”

Keira, one of the Year 5’s, “Found it very inspirational when the people from Young Justice told us that they dedicated their life to help save our future. I would like to help our future too.”


Canberra Day 3

It’s 9:05am and we are up and out for our third day of fun and learning in Canberra. After a good night’s sleep and a yummy breakfast 55 girls are in the movie theatre at the National Film and Sound archives learning about Australia’s film heritage. Later this morning we will head to The War Memorial for their excellent school’s program before our drive home.

Our previous days have been packed with activities designed to help us learn and have fun. If you’re a parent reading this the following might be conversation starters.

What facilities did you see at the Australian Institute of Sport?
What can you remember about the soldier’s story during The Last Post?
Who role played The Speaker at Parliament House?
Which house did we sit in at Old Parliament House?
What art works made an impression on you at The National Gallery?
What science experiment did you enjoy the most at Questacon?
What building did you create with Lego at The Canberra Exhibition?
Did you really see Phar Laps heart?
How high was Telstra Tower?

Of course we will all have different favourites, from Questacon to New Parliament House all of which should, provide many conversation starters.





Canberra Maths

We are off to Canberra later this week but before we go on our three day excursion we have calculations to complete.

How far is it from Sydney to Canberra?
How long will our trip take?
How much time will we spend on different activities?
How mush will our food cost there?
How much time will we spend on the bus in total?




Father daughter maths activities

After our annual Father daughter breakfast today, we opened our classrooms and welcomed all our fathers in, for a mathematical activity designed to make us all think and problem solve.

How many different designs could we create using only four unifix cubes? And having created them could we replicate our ideas using isometric paper?

Dads and daughters grappled with this problem together and enjoyed a collaborative time solving this puzzle. It certainly made a change from a day at the office for most fathers!

IMG_2379 IMG_2380



Skate Art!

Year 6 have been engaged in an art project to create a personalised artwork. Our goal was to convey a message to the world about an issue of concern or something more personal. We had looked at street art as a form of social commentary. Here are 6T’s efforts. Please let us know what you think.



Backstage Excitement

Tonight is the third of our four performances of Disney’s Little Mermaid Jnr. Excitement levels are high! We have had an amazingly busy time in rehearsing, singing, dancing and trying on our fantastic costumes. Many Year 6 girls have lead roles. At our school everyone is in the musical so we are all cast as pirates or sailors and we start the show with Fathoms Below. These photos should give you some idea of what it’s like backstage while we wait to shine onstage.


















Skate Art

Buzzing excitement engulfed the class as Art Time began. Chitter-chatter whirred through the room like a wave, washing away the quiet work time. I glanced around, and my jaws dropped. We were painting on skateboards, designing beautiful and effective artworks. The many geometric lines, powerful words, graceful nature sketches blew me away.

Year 6’s artworks in these final weeks of term are skateboard paintings. We all carefully planned our skateboard designs, after studying various forms of street art and typography styles. Each and every one of our paintings is admirable in its own way. We chose a word or design that meant something to us and may be a social comment in a way. The Creative Art process is one with many edits, drawings and plans carefully annotated and recorded. Once we had perfected our designs, we were given our actual wooden skateboards, and painted a white undercoat on them. We had to think about what media we wanted to use, about light colours, dark colours and how to layer the paint.

Each skateboard is so unique from everything else. The diverse variety of words the students chose were effectively and cleverly designed, resembling the meaning of the word. Anger. Calm. Memories. Music. Peace. Others chose passions that are close to their hearts such as horses, the black cockatoo, nature and eating healthy.

We look forward to completing these next term.

Written by Ella

IMG_4477 IMG_4478 IMG_4482

Remote and ancient places

Hi again everyone. I know it’s the last week of school and you will all be busy with your passion projects. Thanks for all your comments on my last post. I have been away from the internet or mobile phone coverage for almost two weeks. Today we arrived in Fitzroy Crossing and we head to Broome and up to Cape Leveque tomorrow. Here are some more photos for you. They will give you a bit of an idea of where I have been. Last year you might remember that my class did some artworks based on the Wandjina which is an aboriginal rain spirit from the Kimberley region. I have seen lots of beautiful ancient rock art on the Mitchell River Plateau including some Wandjina. I was thrilled to see the real thing.

DSC_0495 DSC_0303 DSC_0321 DSC_0382 DSC_0394