Move It

IMG_6636Lights, camera, action! Last Friday, half of year 6 rode on the bus to Fox Studios. They were going there to film six episodes of the new ‘Move It’ series. ‘Move It’ is a television show that includes a lot of general knowledge, lots of matching and a lot of guessing! The aim is to get as many points as you can. One of the challenges is to match the pictures up with the fact. The other is that when the host, Nick says a fact or multiple choice question, the competitors have to press the buzzer as soon as they think they know the answer. That’s my favourite one!
Earlier in the year we had a chance to audition. We knew that not everyone would get in, at least that’s what they said. Everyone gave it their best shot and everyone did really well. No one was disappointed if they lost and each pair had lots of fun. The ‘judges’ loved how all the pairs reacted and behaved and so they applied everyone into the show! We were so excited to be on TV!
It was about 4 months until the filming day but it went so quickly! When it was filming day, we were so pumped and just wanted to get right into it. The set up was very exciting and bright! When it was our turn to play, a ‘high techno’ microphone was placed on our shirt and at that point we felt like Hollywood stars! Our host was very funny and he did many things off set than you would ever see on the TV. He really wanted to get to know us all and we all felt confident and comfortable on the set after that.
There were various levels of prizes that were given to competitors. The first prize was a one for every competitor. The second level was for if you got to the bonus round. If you won the first part of the game show you’d get the normal prize and the bonus prize. If you won the bonus prize you were given another prize. All worth a lot! The final bonus prize was an indoor skydiving voucher. Wow!
It was a long, tiring day and everyone got a prize. There were many stories being told when the student’s cars turned up, and there still are many to be told.


By Jemma

Let’s Party

With half of our year group out filming a game show called Move It, it was time for the rest of us to have some party fun. The girls had to choose a theme for a children’s party, create a table setting with hand decorated plates and cups. They added inspired touches from the craft cupboard to suit the theme. When the tables were ready we went to the kitchen where the wonderful Mrs Burke helped us to create an amazing party cake to suit our theme. The photos below tell the rest of the story!

Day Two Canberra

It was a chilly night and an icy start as we rose this morning. A huge breakfast of eggs and bacon warmed us up and it was time to head into Canberra. Our first stop was Old Parliament House for a fascinating look at the history of the building. Next stop was one of the teacher’s favourite, The Electoral commission, we learned all about how to vote, we also checked if our parents were all enrolled to vote; not all of you are! And we took part in a preferential vote for our favourite fruit. in 6MW apple won on the 3rd count. 6A voted for peaches. This was followed by a pizza lunch and play time was enjoyed in the sunshine at the Rose garden.

Then it was on the bus again and off to The National Gallery for a whistle stop tour of some of Australia’s famous art works. New Parliament House was next, with a mock parliament and an interesting tour of The House of Representatives and The Senate. Never ones to miss a moment of fun, it was then time for dinner before a fabulous evening of fun and games at The Institute of Sport.

Exhausted we headed back for a good nights sleep.


Day One Canberra

Day one saw us meeting Albright and early at 6:45am in the school courtyard before boarding our bus for the trip to Canberra. A quick stop in Sutton Forest and morning tea before our arrival at 11:30 at our nations capital.

Our first stop was The Canberra Exhibition where we learned all about how Canberra was chosen as the site for Australia’s capital and who won the competition to design it. After a brief play in the park we drove on for a tour of some of Canberra’s Embassy and High Commission buildings.

Our next stop was The National Museum of Canberra, where among other things we saw Phar-laps heart. as well as interesting artefacts that belonged to Surgeon White, the main character from our term one novel Nanberry.

Next it was time for The National film and sound archive where we watched some of Australia’s first movie clips. Before off to the motel for a delicious roast chicken and chips dinner.

A breezy trip to the top of Telstra Tower capped off our evening before lights out and bed time at 9:30pm.


Athletics Carnival

We had our athletics carnival yesterday, it was lots of fun.
6:00 AM was the latest start for some of us, as we had field events. Shot put, Turbo Jav, Discus and Long jump. We were called the ‘early birds’. The rest of our classes came pouring in filling up all the spare seats at around 9:30 am.

The sun was shining as the RC girls crowded the stand, the 1500m race was about start. Bang went the gun, it started and the crowds went crazy. As all of the girls crossed the line ‘“yay go girls” came the chants.

One of the main things that happened on that day was cheering, all the houses were were screaming and that ended up as a cheer off. Preston vs. Cuthbert vs. Chisholm vs. vs. Franklin.

Records were held and broken and Personal Bests were made. There were many activities throughout the carnival such as a dad’s race, 800m and 100m, 200m and the mum and daughter relay race.

The day ended with a speech from our sports teacher, she gave out medals and trophies. Franklin was the overall winner of the RC sports carnival. It was a fabulous but exhausting day for us all.

Passions are presented!

This coming week I will have the privilege of listening to my students talking about their Passion Projects. I am particularly interested to hear

i) what they wanted to learn

ii) how they went about learning

iii) did they succeed?

This Tuesday afternoon we will all gather together to hear from our amazing Year 6 girls who have taken to their projects with…passion!

For a taste of what is in store please have a look at this week’s highly commended blogs.

Emilia has been busy with a creative design and make project

Jemma has completed a bedroom makeover with great results

Lilli has learned to crochet and completed a lovely soft toy

India has set herself a goal related to running and has set about achieving it over the term

Well done girls!

Passionate learners!

I am delighted to recommended 4 more blogs selected by teachers and students this week as excellent examples of student blogs. As you will see the passion projects are many and varied. Well done everyone.

Gabby C is learning about leukemia on her blog called Forever in a Day
Grace M is writing a novella on her blog. Read all about it and the troubles she has had.
Jemila is creating an artwork to sell on ebay and the proceeds will go to Sea Shepherd. You will also discover that Jemila has arranged for a Sea Shepherd representative to come and speak to us all
Claudia F is learning about diabetes. Claudia’s blog is very informative and she talks clearly about how she will present her passion to us at the end of term.

Libby’s blog has been voted Student Blog of the Week in Week 6. Many of the students think that Libby is doing an excellent job with her Passion Project about storytelling and also with blogging in general. Sadly Libby is away from school at the moment so we hope you are reading this from your sick bed Libby! Sophie was chosen last week at the first ever 2014 Student Blogger of the Week.

Congratulations to this all week’s bloggers! Please have a look at their blogs, leave them a comment. Who would you nominate for next week?

Move It!

This week’s student bloggers are Emilia and Cynthia

Contestants in action!

Contestants in action!

Last week Year 6 were lucky enough to participate in a audition for a television show named “Move It!” To do so we had to find a partner and then get our parents’ approval for the show and also give them a note informing them about it. Once we gained our parent’s approval you and your partner had to send an email to Mrs. Miller to inform her together to show her our interest in auditioning. When Mrs. Miller received the email, she chose the emails which had great detail on why they should pick their team for the audition. Fortunately, all 11 teams of us got through the email test. The day dawned, and all our teams were pumped up for the first stage of the audition to get into the television show. One of the first questions they asked the teams was “what is one of the most embarrassing or funniest moments in your life?” All the teams had to think on the spot and they all had lots of fun telling it to the class. Once the stories were over, we had to answer many difficult questions and some were almost impossible to answer! The teams guessed and sometimes even got it right! When all of the pairs had had their turn we all left the room and went back to our classrooms in the hope that we get would be chosen. Last Friday Year 6 were told some exciting news that all the teams were chosen! Again! This was because the questions were deliberately hard, so the producers could see their reaction when they got an answer wrong. Everyone will be participating in this series; there may even be back-ups! All the teams were excited and squealing in joy as they celebrated their victory. We hope these teams will have the energy to Move It next term!

Highly commended

For 5 weeks now the students in year6rc have been writing about their passion.  In just three more weeks they are required to present to the class and talk about their Passion Project. The aim of the long term project has been to learn a new skill, to plan thoughtfully, manage their time well and to continuously reflect on the process of their learning. The blog has been the means by which they share their learning with their audience.

While there are lots of students posting regularly I would like to highlight these excellent blogs.

Can you see why I have chosen these ones?  Will yours be selected for showcasing next week?

Holly This is a photography blog which clearly shows what Holly is learning

Izzy This is a cooking blog. Izzy has been reflecting on her learning as well as posting recipes.

Bella In each post Bella writes about the progress of her project and discusses problems and solutions

Mia R A large setback has put Mia behind in her project but she writes about how she will overcome this problem


Problems, Peers and Pizza

Student Reporters are Hope and Madison

Year six came to school in mufti excited to participate in a day of learning. We learnt all about how to be a leader. This day included, scenarios, games, challenges and pizza! The games were designed to challenge our minds to work around the problem. For example, one of the games our year played was called “River”.

We all split off into house groups to complete this task, also time limit of fifteen-minutes. The teachers explained that we all had to make our way across a “River” (a path of about ten meters). We only had two pieces of paper, our creative minds and teamwork. Easy you say, two people had to be on one leg. Many of us decided it would be more efficient to carry each other over. We soon realised that this was not as easy as we thought.

This day was helping us prepare for Peer Support. Over the course of this term everyone in year six is split into pairs to run a group of about ten people from kindergarten to year five.   The day of learning was new and exciting. We all had a fantastic time, learning about how to be a responsible leader.