Playing with our maths!

This week’s homework challenge required persistence, creativity and thinking outside the square (or in this case, the pentagram).
It was wonderful to see the engagement and perseverance from everyone. Lots of students shared stories of family involvement and frustrations! Well done everyone. Can you solve the problem?




Discovering Confident Artworks

By Olivia and Darcey 6MW

 Colour. Lines. Confidence. Texture. Vibrance. Creativity.

 This term, year six has been studying the beautiful and bold artwork of Mr .R. Dunlavey. We have gained so much skill and understanding of what it means to be a “risk taker” and be bold with our artworks. This entire unit was supposed to take us out of our comfort zone, and required us to have an open mindset towards making mistakes in our drawings, and accepting them!

 This was a challenge for almost every girl, as almost every unit we do in art is based around sketching and trying to represent the real image with rubbers and perfection. Many girls actually described this experience as “freeing” and “calming”, as they weren’t to worry about making mistakes, but embrace them instead. All of year six found this a very interesting experience, and in the end, had a very positive result.

 Our wonderful art teacher, Mrs B, actually wrote to Mr Dunlavey via email, asking him about what he materials he uses to create and bring his artworks to life. We were fortunate enough to receive a kind reply from Mr Dunlavey, saying that he uses mixed media, some of which include:

  • Sharpies
  • Oil pastels
  • Crayons
  • Water colours 

One of the primary aspects of our artworks was to incorporate “mixed media” to embrace the texture, colour, and contrast of our lines, patterns, and backgrounds. Our project was to look inside ourselves, and to use keywords that describe us, in hope that they would shine through our cities. Some of these words that we used to describe ourselves were: bohemian, gentle, bubbly, young, cheerful, mysterious, friendly, bold, colourful, creative, etc. We wanted to use the mixed media to make our city look as unique and individual as possible.

Our artworks turned out to be really beautiful and fascinating to see the individual traits shining through the buildings and landscapes. Overall, this was a really fun and refreshing experience to not have to sketch, but to have some confidence in ourselves. Many girls had to search for self control to leave their rubbers and sketching habits behind, and look for confidence within themselves.

After we had completed our artworks, we had many questions for Mr Dunlavey… Our art teacher suggested that she might be able to get in contact with the admired artist. Some of these questions included…

Where do you get your inspiration from?

  • Are there any artists that you don’t like?
  • Where did your passion for art come from?

Mr Dunlavey was generous enough to agree to skyping us to answer our questions! We were overjoyed with excitement, and couldn’t wait to hear more about this inspiring artist. By the time our skype chat was about to take place, we were all nervous, curious, and buzzing with excitement. We couldn’t wait to chat with Mr Dunlavey!

In our skype call, we met the esteemed illustrator, and discussed our artworks during this special time with him. He gave us valuable advice and information about the mixed media he used, praising our artworks and answered our questions. He encouraged us to draw boldly, having a courageous and creative hand. We took this advice for future artworks and knowledge. It was greatly appreciated.

A few weeks after skyping, Mr Dunlavey kindly sent us a package in the mail, all the way from America with some free goodies for each girl, and our Junior School Library.

We were all delighted and so grateful to Mr D for supplying us with these beautiful gifts. We would like to say on behalf of year six, that we are so grateful, Mr Dunlavey for your gifts, emails and skype calls. We have never had the chance to do so before in art, and it meant so much to us, and it is something that we will remember in years to come.

You can view our beautiful artworks on display outside Year6.

IMG_1954 IMG_1955 IMG_1956

Peer Support begins!

Last week Year 6 spent 2 days learning how to be leaders. And now it has begun in earnest. Today each pair of Year 6 leaders are getting to know their group of students. Peer Support groups will run each fortnight on a Friday. Today’s session is about our family and we are making cute thumbprint pictures.






Exciting times

year 6

There are always many exciting things that happen in Year 6 but the last week has been especially so. Last Tuesday the girls received their ‘Year 6′ badges to acknowledge the important leadership roles that they all hold. Badges were awarded in assembly, by the school principal, to the Cru Leaders, the Kindy Buddies, The Voice Representatives, The Tech Box Team, The Rose Tech Crew and the Library Monitors. Everyone was delighted and surprised to receive these badges. We are the first Year 6 group to be given them.

As well as that we have started our own blogs! You can see our blogroll to the left of this post. We would love you to visit us and leave a comment. We look forward to learning more about blogging and sharing our writing with the world!


Lights, Camera, Mermaid!

People singing, people guessing and everyone is ready to get their mermaid on! This year our school is putting on the production, The Little Mermaid. Everyone is buzzing about who will be who; we have been practising the songs because everyone is working up to be Ariel.

This week Year 6 have been practising our blog writing skills in preparation for starting our own blogs. Above is the beginning of Lucy M’s post. I love her title and sense of humour. Below Tess and Amber have painted a vivid picture of the recent swimming carnival.

Beep! Diving into the cool blue pristine water, rapidly kicking my legs up and down, I forcefully drove my arms like a torpedo. Slowly breaking the surface, I thrust my arms back and circled them from back to front, lifting out of the pool. My butterfly race had begun.

Anjali and Sachi have written about our leadership roles. They have edited carefully and checked their work.

This year as responsible Year Sixes we were all assigned different roles. We are a part of ‘The Voice’. It is a great experience to work with other classes and ask for their opinion about what they would like to improve our school. We were all assigned different classes and we recently went around and asked for any suggestions. We are excited to introduce some new changes to the school and experience the satisfaction of doing so.

Many other girls drafted blogposts. It is great to see such enthusiasm for blogging. This week we will write our own blogging guidelines in preparation for starting up our own individual blogs. Please check back soon to see how we are progressing.

A ferry ride on the way to camp

This is a description on the ferry ride that we took to get to camp

BEEP!!! Our Opal cards squealed as we press them against the ticket booth. The gates groan open, and we flounced through.

We sat on the benches, taking up quite a few, waiting for our ride, chatting and sharing our excitement.

The river-cat veered in towards the side of the wharf. An attendant on-board the boat, tossed out a thick, looped rope, and it fell smack bang over the bollard, hauling the boat into the side of the wharf.

We were all sitting on the plush chairs inside, waiting. We could hear the other group outside, standing on the deck, shouting with glee as the water sprayed up in their faces. We asked if we could go out the front of the boat, and our group leader sent us out in groups of 4 or 5. We went outside to the front of the boat, and found ourselves a spot on the port (left) side of the boat.

We stuck or heads out the side, laughing with delight at the wind whipped through our hair, and the water sprayed up onto our faces. With the Harbour Bridge ahead, and the enchanting seaside houses on either side of us, we were having loads of fun.

All to soon, it was time to get off.

BEEP!!! Our Opal cards squealed as we went on our way, to our next adventure.

We hope you enjoyed this short description of one part of our fun experience from camp.

By Emily JoIMG_2330

Paper Bloggers

You may have seen the new movie Paper Planes. Well in Year 6 we have begun the year with paper blogs. We are learning what it means to write a great blogpost and also how to leave an appropriate comment. To do that, we have been practising on paper and adding comments with colourful post it notes. Last week we wrote posts with a partner. They were displayed around the walls and windows of our classroom which gave us a chance to read them all.

The photo shows some of our blogposts and the comments that have been left. We will revisit these again soon. In the meantime, what do you think a good comment would need to include? We would welcome your ideas and suggestions.



A New Start for 2015

The rain was pouring, parents were waiting and nervous girls were biting their fingernails as they waited to hear their classes for the new year. Finally we made our way upstairs to our brand new Year 6 learning space! We noticed many new changes but other things remained the same. We settled into our new space but our lockers had vanished! They are outside and downstairs so that will mean we need to be very organised and responsible.

We asked many questions about our learning and our responsibilities to each other as learners in Year 6. Many of the answers to these questions are still to be discovered. We recorded some of our ideas for future discussion…IMG_2193





Public Domain

This image is in the Public Domain

Well it’s a new school year in Australia. Our lovely summer holidays are over. The teachers are already back at school and the students will arrive on Wednesday ready for an action packed year of learning. But there are surprises in store for year6rc. I wonder if you can guess what they might be?