This week we had an amazing talk by Dana from Girlpower. She came all the way from Canada to teach us about friendships and how to manage them.

Key things we took away were:

No friendship is perfect.
Every friendship is different
Trust and respect are important in a friendship
Friendships change and that’s OK.

We also learnt about the friend-o-meter and how to judge whether our friendships are healthy for us, how to squash “ANTS” (automatic negative thoughts) and how to put out friendship fires. If we are shy and hesitant about joining friends for lunch, we learnt to “stop waiting for an invitation. Be strong. We deserve better.”

Most importantly, we learnt to “be a ninja” and stand up for ourselves when others are “mean on purpose!”

Search for to find the Girlpower website. It has lots of useful ideas.

One thought on “Girlpower

  1. Very good advise about friendships! We can all learn something from this, even us adults 🙂
    I agree that trust and respect are very important. Treat people how you would like to be treated.

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