The 2016 musical showcase

The 2016 musical showcase

Last night, on Thursday evening we had the JS showcase. The Junior School had been preparing for this production all term and all the hard work definitely paid off! There was dancing, singing and other musical productions throughout the concert. There was a wide variety of items. Year six were dancing to the songs ‘Chariots of Fire’(6MW) and ‘We are Sailing’(6S). Year five also did two dances and year four had more musical items.

Over the period of last night, two showcases were held. There was a, kindergarten to year three concert and year four to year six production. This was accompanied by an open classroom display. The girls had the chance to show their parents all the hard work they had been accomplishing during the school term.

As well as some very exceptional dances and performances, x The production ranged from beginners to our more advanced groups. Many girls were in multiple performances during the day and also their class dances.

Overall, both the concerts were very enjoyable to watch and to perform in. Around the end of the last concert, many staff and teachers were congratulated and given flowers.

But for Year 6 this was a special time because it was their last ever Junior School production. This was their last Junior School Everyone enjoyed the year four to year six concert and we think it was a bit of fun for everyone!

Lauren, Lara and Chianyun

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  1. I thought the showcase was very fun and exciting. It was my first ever showcase at Roseville College and left a great experience. I agree that is was a great experience for everyone and unfortunately next year it will be my last showcase too.

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