Expressing ourselves using technology

Expressing ourselves using technology

These are some images that we created to express ourselves and some explanations to explain what the messages behind them convey.

This image shows me sitting on an earbud. I have chosen to represent myself like this because music is connected to me. When I’m in the car and at home I love listening to music loudly. I am one out of a billion who listen to music and connect with the internet. The internet is a big part of the technological world so this photo represents that the digital world is a lot bigger than me.  Jaemi

In Art, we have used Photoshop to express ourselves. My image is about me showing courage and determination throughout my day. I decided to choose lion cubs instead of lions because they were small and to be on one of their backs I had to be small. I feel this shows little ideas can turn into big ones and everyone can do great things. Kayley


My image is about me being a risk taker. Life can be like a rollercoaster at times and some things can be a bit hard. This image shows that you need to keep your eyes focused on looking ahead when life has its ups and downs. Be optimistic rather than looking down as God is in control. Hannah

My image shows me expressing my passion of dancing and collecting pokemon. I chosen the background of a pencil to represent my artistic side. I decided to change this image to black and white so that I stand out, representing my brightness in the world. The silhouette is included as it represents my desire to fill the void with my dreams and aspirations.Dakota

If you had to create a Photoshop collage about yourself, what images would you include?

3 thoughts on “Expressing ourselves using technology

  1. Well done Year 6! I have really enjoyed being involved with you in this creative project. I am particularly interested in hearing you talk about the meaning behind the composite images.
    It’s great to be learning with you all this year in Art!
    Mrs T

  2. Thanks for the comment Jo. You can access many of them if Audrey shows you through her Google drive. The girls are still finishing their descriptions of their images to explain their meanings.

  3. Fantastic use of imagery Year 6 to express things about yourself. What a great idea! I wish I could see them all.. and I wonder what I would do?!
    Jo (Audrey’s mum)

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