Literature that leads to deep inquiry

Literature that leads to deep inquiry

The Ruby Talisman

Blog post written by Izzy

At school, we have started our novel study.  There were four novels available to read:

  • The ruby talisman
  • Chinese cinderella
  • The boy who dared
  • Shahana

I am currently reading the book “The Ruby Talisman“. The Ruby Talisman is about the french Revolution. Tilly, a girl from the modern day finds a family treasure (the ruby talisman). She is transported back in time to the 18th century at the beginning of the french revolution. she and meets Amelie-Matilde, her ancestor who is being forced to marry an old, stinky and horrible man. Together, with hernri, amelies cousin they embark on dangerous journey across the country. Here is the blurb.

“Tilly visualised the pendant, recreating its crimson fire. She felt herself swimming down, down into a deep, vivid dream.”

Tilly falls asleep wishing she could escape to a more adventurous life. In 1789, Amelie-Mathilde is living in luxury at the palace of Versailles- but her guardians want her to marry the horrible Chevalier. she falls asleep wishing someone would rescue her.

Tilly wakes up beside Amelie-Mathilde. The timing couldn’t be worse. starving peasants are rioting and the palace is in chaos. Tilly knows Amelie and her cousin Henri must escape if they are to survive the Revolution. With mutinous villagers, vengeful servants and threats at every turn, will they ever reach safety?

All of our novels are linked to our current UOI unit “Governments and power“. The ruby talisman is focused on the ruling of a royal families back in the 18th century in France, opposed to the democratic Australia we live in now. I found it interesting to compare the different governments because it showed how governments have changed and how they are still the same. I don’t know much about the current government in France, but I am sure it is very different to what it was back in the 18th century at the start of the French Revolution.

I have enjoyed reading about the French Revolution because it really gave me a good idea of what happened. The author describes in great detail the majestic castle of Versailles and the beautiful jewellery and clothing people wore, as well as all the wonderful people and all of the surroundings. This really helped me to picture everything in so much more detail. I learnt so much more about the levels of government and how that meant your treated back then. I also learnt something about the different laws and punishments in 18th century France.

Here is a picture of The front cover of the book “The Ruby Talisman“.

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