Become curious about our upcoming exhibition

Become curious about our upcoming exhibition

Do you love thinking outside of the box about real life issues that affect our world?

This is what Year 6 have been doing in our exhibition unit relating to Sharing the Planet.We are creating artworks which represent the underlying message in our central ideas. They are not finished but here are a few initial thoughts for you to ponder over. Come along next Thursday and Friday to view our exhibition findings. 



4 thoughts on “Become curious about our upcoming exhibition

  1. I am so excited to explore our upcoming exhibition. I cant wait to see what challenges Mrs T Mr A and Miss S have in store for us.

  2. Looks amazing girls! You all should be so proud they way you are all tackling big questions and concerns in our world. I’m really looking forward to seeing the art and talking to you about what you have uncovered. Lou (Rosie’s Mum)

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