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Discrimination and privilege

Discrimination and privilege

Girls in Year 6 hoodies were given a whole sheet of newspaper this afternoon and were allowed to sit at the front of the room. Girls without a hoodie on were given half a sheet of newspaper and were asked to sit down somewhere behind the girls in hoodies.

They were asked to scrunch their newspaper up in order to try and get it in the bin at the front of the room, but they had to sit down on the floor to throw it. The students without the hoodies immediately started arguing: “That’s unfair!”, “I can’t even see the bin!”, “The girls at the front are in a better spot!” They could see the students in front of them had a much better chance of getting the paper in the bin. In contrast, the girls with hoodies, who were at the front of the room, said nothing.

When the girls swapped places, there were feelings of empathy and guilt mentioned by those in hoodies. “I should have thought about the girls at the back of the room instead of just myself.” The girls experienced first hand what it feels like to be discriminated against just because of what you look like.

Part of the ‘population’ had a privilege but weren’t aware of it. Education is a privilege that not all children get. It is up to the girls to be aware of this privilege and do great things, all the while advocating for those in the rows behind them.

Historical research about a communication method

Historical research about a communication method

This term Year 6 got to choose a form of communication and inquire further into it. We had to come up with a few lines of inquiry about our chosen topic and, using technology, convey historical research findings to create an informative, creative and engaging presentation.

I chose sign language as my topic and I created a Powtoon to represent my findings.

Maddie inquired into hieroglyphics and used Google Slides to present her findings.

Not all our presentations can be accessed via our blog but if you ask us we can show you in person. Some presentations can be accessed though. Sienna F created a website about her research on the English language which you can visit via this link:

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