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Q and A

Q and A

Last week we had an invaluable experience asking questions at a Q and A session with 3 staff members who have lived in other countries. We asked them many open ended questions about their country and the government in it.

What would you ask someone about the government in their country?

Exploring coding through GROK

Exploring coding through GROK

This term we have been building on our knowledge of coding using an exciting program called GROK. Each week the students are attempting to complete challenges to given problems. Tilly said “it can be confusing but once you solve it, you feel really good.” Jaemi thinks “using coding is something new and different that makes you use your brain to think of solutions. It’s great fun.”

What superpower would you have?

What superpower would you have?

To encourage writing each day, we have responded to some creative questions on the large display boards.

One question was ‘what superpower would you want if you could have one?’

Some ideas we had were:

to be invisible because you can go anywhere without being seen,

to talk to animals so you would know how they feel, think and what they say,

To fly so you could get to different places easily,

to make food and water out of air.

What superpower would you want?

Another question was “What is the best thing that has happened to you this week. What would you write?


Peer Support Training

Peer Support Training

This week Year 6 have been developing their leadership skills through Peer Support Training. We have focused today on communicating effectively, building relationships with others and recognising our own leadership strengths and weaknesses.

Investigating Light in FIT

Investigating Light in FIT

This week, we have begun an investigation into “Light.” Some of our wonders about light are:

Why at different parts of the day are different shadows formed? (Alex J)

Where does light go when it hits black? (Bianca B)

Would an astronaut create a massive shadow in space? (Imi)

Why does light have different effects when it hits different materials? (McKayla)

How fast is the reaction time when it hits a mirror? (Steph)

Does light travel around corners? (Beatrice)


Pocket full of Rosies

Pocket full of Rosies

This week, an initiative of Sienna (Year 6) and Ruby (Year 5) was launched. They proposed that we have a student newsletter  called  “A Pocket full of Rosies” where all students K-6 can enter submissions to be published in a student newsletter. The girls have been busy discussing what should be submitted so stay tuned for details.

What do you clothe yourself in each day?

What do you clothe yourself in each day?

Our new principal was inducted recently. We had an enormous assembly and there were many encouraging words for and from her. She told us how she came from a family of farmers. Like a farmer grows a crop, a teacher grows by learning. All the teachers and other staff members were there and they all wore black cloaks; all the hoods of the cloaks were different colours to represent the University or College they studied at. It was amazing to congratulate her as she became a principal. She reminded us of Colossians 3:12 12 Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.


What matters in your life?

What matters in your life?

This morning we looked at this thought-provoking picture:

Here are some responses that we thought of:

Alice: Memories.

Izzy: The people around me.

Daisy: Friendship.

Zoe: Friends, family, laughter and goals you have achieved.

Jaimee: To not be in pain and to see my grandchildren.

Sienna: To make the most of the rest of her life.

Hannah: Appreciating life.

Audrey: I would want to have skydived

Kaitlyn: To have had a good life with good times.

What would matter to you the most when you’re this age?

By Emma C

STEM inquiry to design a pipeworks

STEM inquiry to design a pipeworks

After reading The City of Ember’  the girls investigated creating their own pipeworks using a packet of straws, 2 cups and masking tape. Many creative designs were collaboratively constructed to design and make a 60cm pipeworks to transfer water from a high point to a low point. They really enjoyed being engineers and testing and refining their constructions. 

Expressing ourselves using technology

Expressing ourselves using technology

These are some images that we created to express ourselves and some explanations to explain what the messages behind them convey.

This image shows me sitting on an earbud. I have chosen to represent myself like this because music is connected to me. When I’m in the car and at home I love listening to music loudly. I am one out of a billion who listen to music and connect with the internet. The internet is a big part of the technological world so this photo represents that the digital world is a lot bigger than me.  Jaemi

In Art, we have used Photoshop to express ourselves. My image is about me showing courage and determination throughout my day. I decided to choose lion cubs instead of lions because they were small and to be on one of their backs I had to be small. I feel this shows little ideas can turn into big ones and everyone can do great things. Kayley


My image is about me being a risk taker. Life can be like a rollercoaster at times and some things can be a bit hard. This image shows that you need to keep your eyes focused on looking ahead when life has its ups and downs. Be optimistic rather than looking down as God is in control. Hannah

My image shows me expressing my passion of dancing and collecting pokemon. I chosen the background of a pencil to represent my artistic side. I decided to change this image to black and white so that I stand out, representing my brightness in the world. The silhouette is included as it represents my desire to fill the void with my dreams and aspirations.Dakota

If you had to create a Photoshop collage about yourself, what images would you include?


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