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Mathematical investigations

Mathematical investigations

Do you know the relative distance of the planets from the sun? Year 6 do now. We investigated this using string, cards and tape measures. We had to use a scale of 1cm = 1 million kilometres in order to create our display. You can learn more about this if you visit our balcony area.



The 2016 musical showcase

The 2016 musical showcase

Last night, on Thursday evening we had the JS showcase. The Junior School had been preparing for this production all term and all the hard work definitely paid off! There was dancing, singing and other musical productions throughout the concert. There was a wide variety of items. Year six were dancing to the songs ‘Chariots of Fire’(6MW) and ‘We are Sailing’(6S). Year five also did two dances and year four had more musical items.

Over the period of last night, two showcases were held. There was a, kindergarten to year three concert and year four to year six production. This was accompanied by an open classroom display. The girls had the chance to show their parents all the hard work they had been accomplishing during the school term.

As well as some very exceptional dances and performances, x The production ranged from beginners to our more advanced groups. Many girls were in multiple performances during the day and also their class dances.

Overall, both the concerts were very enjoyable to watch and to perform in. Around the end of the last concert, many staff and teachers were congratulated and given flowers.

But for Year 6 this was a special time because it was their last ever Junior School production. This was their last Junior School Everyone enjoyed the year four to year six concert and we think it was a bit of fun for everyone!

Lauren, Lara and Chianyun



For the past few weeks, Year 6 have been conceptually exploring our understanding of power. We have learned how governments can use their power for both good and bad. We have compared and contrasted our government with others around the world and concluded that Australia is a fair and just country.

This afternoon 6MW are concluding our unit of inquiry with some self devised drama skits. We have enjoyed viewing a mock parliamentary session involving Tony Abbott and his ministers. Another court session showed us all, just how not to run a government. We also had Nazi soldiers rounding up a Jewish family in the time of Anne Frank. As well as an American presidential debate between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. It was an enjoyable way of demonstrating our understanding of power, after a busy and hard working five weeks.



Day Three

Day Three

Day three dawned bright and sunny again. After another delicious breakfast we packed up and were away.

Our day started at Questacon for two hours of scientific fun and more than a little shopping!

After lunch we drove to The War Memorial for their excellent education program. At 2:00 we were back on the bus ready for the trip home.

As I write this we have completed the speediest Maccas stop ever and are heading homeward. Mama Mia is playing on the DVD player and the girls are singing along.

It’s been a busy three days but the girls have been fantastic representatives of our school. See you around 6:00.



Day Two

Day Two

Luckily we had all had a good nights sleep. As day two saw us up and enjoying a hot cooked breakfast by 7:00. Soon we were on the bus and off for a busy day to the following places.

The Electoral Centre – Where we learn d all our our rights and responsibilities as further voters.
Old Parliament House – where we explored the old but,ding learning about the history or Australian politics.
New Parliament House – where we toured both chambers and roll played a parliamentary debate.
The War Memorial – Where we laid a wreath and listened to The Last Post.
The Australian Institute of Sport – Where we explored Sportex and toured the facilities.

Finally it was home for bed. Phew!


Canberra Day 1

Canberra Day 1

Day 1

It was a wet and windy morning, as Year 6 set off for Canberra. The bus trip to our first stop was swift and we enjoyed morning tea at Sutton Forest where already the weather was looking kinder. By the time we arrived in Canberra the sun was shining brightly, although the wind was still chilly.

Our first stop was the Canberra Exhibition where we learned all about the formation of the city of Canberra. From there we drove to The National Museum of Australia. We split into groups and explored the interactive displays. Then it was onto The National Gallery where we had a guided tour. The group I was with enjoyed viewing a number of old and new art works, with an excellent guide.

After arriving at our motel we all unpacked and then enjoyed a delicious dinner of spaghetti bolognaise and chicken and noodle stir fry. Before heading out again for a visit to Telstra tower.

While up the tower we ran around outside until the cold night air drove us inside. After that we explored a display about the history of telephones. Then It was home for bed.


Blogging about our Passion Projects

Blogging about our Passion Projects

Year 6 are working hard on their Passion Projects this term. We have students creating cookery books and redesigning bedrooms. They are learning new skills such as archery. They are building lego creations and sewing leotards. Their blogs are filled with images of wonderful recipes and videos of gymnastic skills. There are reflections on mistakes, paintings that developed holes in them and sewing that just didn’t work.

This week 6MW can recommend the following blogs for you to read this week.

Chloe, Ruby and Veronique

Check out all our blogs from our student blog roll on the left hand side of this blog.

A visit from Adobe

A visit from Adobe

Roseville College were lucky enough to get a visit from Dr Tim Kitchen Adobe’s Senior Education Consulant for the Asia Pacific region and Ben Forta, Adobe’s Senior Director of Education Initiatives based in the USA, from Adobe today. 

Ben Forta is known as a powerhouse in the world of digital and visual literacy. He is also fascinated in the future of communication and storytelling. We learned that Ben is a coding celebrity and a super geek. Both Ben and Tim spent time in many of our classes teaching us new skills and learning from us.

Year 6 took part in a quiz and then had a lesson in Adobe Post,  a new Adobe online app from Ben Forta. Finally they had ten minutes to create their own Post stories. During the lesson Year 6 students were able to network with an engineer in Seattle in order to problem solve an issue with the software. Real world problem solving at its best. Stay tuned for Post examples to be uploaded soon. 

Square Pairs

Square Pairs

We are exploring square and triangular numbers in math groups this morning.
Using the numbers 1-18 the challenge is to add two of these numbers together but use each number only once. Each answer must also equal a square number.
We found this challenging but fun. Some of us even managed to create square numbers using 1-24 once only.

Could you complete this challenge? If you do what patterns did you discover?

IMG_2677 IMG_2675 IMG_2676

Year 6 – Life so far

Year 6 – Life so far

This year our theme is Dare To .  .  .  Year 6 is daring to try new things this year!!!!

Learning Spaces:

Many girls independence has grown this year already and our classroom has changed enormously. We went from a normal Year 5 classroom to a completely new modern-style classroom. The chairs are completely different this year and we can definitely recommend how comfy they are! The desks have also changed massively. Now you can sit wherever you want rather than having an assigned chair.  

New Learning:

As well as our great learning spaces we have amazing new units of inquiry. Our first one is How we express Ourselves with the central idea ‘Communication Connects People’.  We will be exploring the many different ways how communication can connect people. Linking into English and UOI (Unit of inquiry) we have also been introduced to blogging! Everyone will be able to make their own blog and share many other things about our brand new year of Year 6!


Have you ever had two teachers?? This year we have 6S with Mrs S and and 6MW with Mrs M and Mrs W 2 teachers! The teachers so far are really nice and have told us about the year ahead and and so far we think it is gonna be the best year! I am so looking forward to the year ahead because we know we have great teachers and we know that they are always there to help whenever anything goes wrong. We are looking forward to a good year.


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