What makes writing interesting?

What makes writing interesting?

Today we have considered what makes writing effective.

We did a think, pair, share routine to brainstorm the different things we can do to make our own writing interesting. These are our ideas:

Carefully select descriptive language

Have a good structure to our thoughts

Make our writing suit our audience

Use a captivating title that engages the reader

Include some figurative language and rhetorical questions.

We have now chosen a highlight from camp to write a descriptive passage about.  

Integer inquiry in maths

Integer inquiry in maths

Today in maths we were looking at negative and positive numbers. Our Learning Intentions were, to use the term integers to describe positive and negative numbers and 0,to recognise negative whole numbers and place them on a number line in relation to zero and investigate negative whole numbers and patterns created on a calculator.

To begin our lesson we researched the coldest and hottest places on the earth. I found Death Valley California is 56 degrees celsius, Antarctica -89 degrees celsius, United States of America is -62 degrees celsius and Australia can be up to 47 degrees celsius.

We got into pairs and were given a thermometer. We first measured the temperature of our class room which at the time was 25 degrees celsius, and underneath our armpits were 37 degrees celsius (the healthy body temperature).

We then were given cups of different liquids, hot water was 75 degrees celsius, ice in a cup was -1 degrees celsius and tap water was 25 degrees celsius. We were then given the opportunity to put our thermometers in other places where we thought the temperatures would vary.

By Grace

Is using Social Media as dangerous as smoking a cigarette?

Is using Social Media as dangerous as smoking a cigarette?

This was an inquiry question posed by Kaitlyn this week after a discussion about the different ways people communicate. She said that in a way the pressure to use social media is like the pressure to smoke that some teenagers are put under. We then considered whether using social media is as dangerous as smoking a cigarette.

One of the interesting responses was that smoking can affect your physical wellbeing but social media can have just as much harm to your mental health.

What do you think?


Mathematical investigations

Mathematical investigations

Do you know the relative distance of the planets from the sun? Year 6 do now. We investigated this using string, cards and tape measures. We had to use a scale of 1cm = 1 million kilometres in order to create our display. You can learn more about this if you visit our balcony area.



Investigating the solar system in Maths

Investigating the solar system in Maths

This week we have been inquiring into the solar system in maths. Do you know which planets are closer to the sun that others?  We looked at the distance each planet is from the sun and then calculated the relative distance each planet is from the other planets (after scaling the measurements down). We discovered many interesting things through this inquiry. We then put them on a 6m piece of string to represent our findings. img_1081 img_1082 img_1083 img_1084 img_1085 img_1086 img_1087 img_1088 img_1089 img_1090

Critical thinking

Critical thinking

In library/Inquiry, we have been “thinking about thinking” and trying to Think outside of the box to think more creatively.

What would your ideas be for:

Something that you toss:  emotion, decision

Something that is messy: family fire, politics

Something that changes shape: clouds

Something that is loud: colours

Something that grows: my appetite, the world’s population

Something that opens: my imagination, heart, opportunities

Something you can carry: guilt, a burden, your soul

Something that can be shaken: opinions

Something that is flat: a day, a musical note,

Something that you throw: depression, rumours


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