Is using Social Media as dangerous as smoking a cigarette?

Is using Social Media as dangerous as smoking a cigarette?

This was an inquiry question posed by Kaitlyn this week after a discussion about the different ways people communicate. She said that in a way the pressure to use social media is like the pressure to smoke that some teenagers are put under. We then considered whether using social media is as dangerous as smoking a cigarette.

One of the interesting responses was that smoking can affect your physical wellbeing but social media can have just as much harm to your mental health.

What do you think?


Mathematical investigations

Mathematical investigations

Do you know the relative distance of the planets from the sun? Year 6 do now. We investigated this using string, cards and tape measures. We had to use a scale of 1cm = 1 million kilometres in order to create our display. You can learn more about this if you visit our balcony area.



Investigating the solar system in Maths

Investigating the solar system in Maths

This week we have been inquiring into the solar system in maths. Do you know which planets are closer to the sun that others?  We looked at the distance each planet is from the sun and then calculated the relative distance each planet is from the other planets (after scaling the measurements down). We discovered many interesting things through this inquiry. We then put them on a 6m piece of string to represent our findings. img_1081 img_1082 img_1083 img_1084 img_1085 img_1086 img_1087 img_1088 img_1089 img_1090

Critical thinking

Critical thinking

In library/Inquiry, we have been “thinking about thinking” and trying to Think outside of the box to think more creatively.

What would your ideas be for:

Something that you toss:  emotion, decision

Something that is messy: family fire, politics

Something that changes shape: clouds

Something that is loud: colours

Something that grows: my appetite, the world’s population

Something that opens: my imagination, heart, opportunities

Something you can carry: guilt, a burden, your soul

Something that can be shaken: opinions

Something that is flat: a day, a musical note,

Something that you throw: depression, rumours

Planning the Year 6 dinner

Planning the Year 6 dinner

Have you ever planned an event where you have to consider the space you have and the things you need to put in the space?

Today in maths, Year 6 worked collaboratively to problem solve how they would plan for the upcoming Year 6 dinner. We problem solved measuring the perimeter of the hall and then the various areas within it that we wanted to include.  Things we had to consider were: the number of people coming, what special areas we would include such as a dance floor and photo booth. It was interesting to inquire into these areas and to consider how we would measure the area of the round tables.

img_1062 img_1063 img_1065 img_1058 img_1049


How can we speak effectively?

We have been discussing change and what this means to us. We have thought about the changes that 2017 might mean for us. We have considered these changes and whether the consequences are good or bad. We have had a lot of fun creating quick 30 seconds speeches about this because in English we have been focusing on public speaking. We have tried to create speeches that engage our audience.

By Ella and Annika

The 2016 musical showcase

The 2016 musical showcase

Last night, on Thursday evening we had the JS showcase. The Junior School had been preparing for this production all term and all the hard work definitely paid off! There was dancing, singing and other musical productions throughout the concert. There was a wide variety of items. Year six were dancing to the songs ‘Chariots of Fire’(6MW) and ‘We are Sailing’(6S). Year five also did two dances and year four had more musical items.

Over the period of last night, two showcases were held. There was a, kindergarten to year three concert and year four to year six production. This was accompanied by an open classroom display. The girls had the chance to show their parents all the hard work they had been accomplishing during the school term.

As well as some very exceptional dances and performances, x The production ranged from beginners to our more advanced groups. Many girls were in multiple performances during the day and also their class dances.

Overall, both the concerts were very enjoyable to watch and to perform in. Around the end of the last concert, many staff and teachers were congratulated and given flowers.

But for Year 6 this was a special time because it was their last ever Junior School production. This was their last Junior School Everyone enjoyed the year four to year six concert and we think it was a bit of fun for everyone!

Lauren, Lara and Chianyun

Year 6 stalls fundraiser

Year 6 stalls fundraiser

The courtyard was a hive of industry today during the Year 6 stalls. K-6 had a great time exploring the different stalls: craft, pet rocks, hit the farmer, playdough, stress balls, bath bombs, cupcakes and more.

Well done to The Voice for taking action on this initiative.
Now onto planning where the vegie patch might go!



This week we had an amazing talk by Dana from Girlpower. She came all the way from Canada to teach us about friendships and how to manage them.

Key things we took away were:

No friendship is perfect.
Every friendship is different
Trust and respect are important in a friendship
Friendships change and that’s OK.

We also learnt about the friend-o-meter and how to judge whether our friendships are healthy for us, how to squash “ANTS” (automatic negative thoughts) and how to put out friendship fires. If we are shy and hesitant about joining friends for lunch, we learnt to “stop waiting for an invitation. Be strong. We deserve better.”

Most importantly, we learnt to “be a ninja” and stand up for ourselves when others are “mean on purpose!”

Search for to find the Girlpower website. It has lots of useful ideas.



For the past few weeks, Year 6 have been conceptually exploring our understanding of power. We have learned how governments can use their power for both good and bad. We have compared and contrasted our government with others around the world and concluded that Australia is a fair and just country.

This afternoon 6MW are concluding our unit of inquiry with some self devised drama skits. We have enjoyed viewing a mock parliamentary session involving Tony Abbott and his ministers. Another court session showed us all, just how not to run a government. We also had Nazi soldiers rounding up a Jewish family in the time of Anne Frank. As well as an American presidential debate between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. It was an enjoyable way of demonstrating our understanding of power, after a busy and hard working five weeks.




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